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فروش انواع کیسه زباله سفره محافظ غذا دستکش یکبار مصرف پیلگون
Zarin Plastic Nilgon Company was established in 1981 with the Pilgon brand with the aim of creating job opportunities and helping the country's industry. After obtaining the relevant licenses by the CEO of this company in Eshtehard, it was established in an area of 25000 meters Action was taken.

Using the most equipped and newest production machines in the world and employing experienced technical experts, this company produces all kinds of freezer bags, garbage bags, Nilex, disposable tablecloths using the best raw materials, very diverse and Designed and packaged with quality.

This company is the largest producer of plastic products in Iran with the distribution of its products in the country as the best brand in this industry in the family product basket.

Also, this company, through Zarrin Eagle Company, which was established in 1392, has distributed its products throughout Iran and has been able to supply and supply consumer goods needed by compatriots with more than 55 representatives throughout Iran.

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فروش انواع کیسه زباله سفره محافظ غذا دستکش یکبار مصرف پیلگون

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